At Transit, FUN, SIMPLICITY & COMMITMENT are valued everyday. They guide all our actions and are at the heart of our success.

Commitment towards our employees: Create a workplace where everyone can flourish. We owe our growing success to our team who strongly believes that a personalised and courteous service makes all the difference. We focus on our employees well-being and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential so they can give their 110% every day.

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Warehouse clerk – Order Picking

We are currently looking for new players to join our Warehouse Clerks – Order Pickers team!

Full-Stack Programmer

Transit is looking for a Full-Stack Programmer.

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(Levis – Montreal – St-Hubert – Toronto – Newfoundland)
(Warehouse clerk for receiving and shipping, Supervisor, Manager)


(Levis) Planner, Buyer, Negotiator, Clerk


(Levis) Accounts Manager, Sales Representative, Manager


(Levis) Technical Support, Network Administrator, Programmer-Analyst, Manager

Marketing & Products

(Levis) Graphic Designer, Product Manager, Price Analyst, E-Cat i/c, Marketing Coordinator, Manager


(Levis) Financial Controller, Accounts Receivable i/c, Accounts Payable i/c, Financial Controller Assistant


(Levis) Organizational Development i/c, Continuous Improvement i/c, Business Development i/c

Human Resources

(Levis) Human Resources i/c, Human Resources Assistant i/c, Recruiter, Training Development i/c


No job openings match your profile, but you think you would be a good fit for Transit? Don’t hesitate to apply. We’re always looking for new talent!


Competitive salaries

Our salaries are not only competitive, they are also deposited on a weekly basis! Did we just save you time doing your budget? We think so!

Work-family balance

We all have a family! Whether it is for your oldest child’s Tuesday evening karate class or for your toddler’s runny nose, working around your schedule can be difficult! We’re all in the same boat and we understand your situation!

Flexible schedules

Your talent and involvement are much more important to us than the time at which you arrive in the morning!

Complete insurance plan

Life insurance, long-term salary insurance, medication insurance, paramedical insurance and travel insurance. You don’t want to have to use it, but you’re glad it’s there when you need it!

Floating Holiday

No need for an elaborate excuse to go skiing on a Wednesday afternoon! You don’t like skiing? No worries, we pay floating holidays not taken at the end of the year!

Ongoing Training

A training plan is provided upon hiring. Various internal training sessions and access to external training sessions are available based on your needs and aspirations for the development of your skills.


To help you keep your “zenitude” and your beautiful smile!

Employee discounts

Discounts on the purchase of parts! Goodbye mechanic bills with too many zeros!

Very active social club

Are you looking to do some crazy activities with some great people? Mountain bike excursions, comedy shows and hockey matches are just a few of the activities we do all year long!


To build a successful company, we need exceptional people devoted to our success! That’s why we give our employees a solid foundation from the start. Upon arrival, we provide comprehensive training, and then, throughout their career with us, we enable employees to deepen their knowledge.Can’t stay still? Come work for a company that cultivates your talent and feeds your ambition.

    #TeamTransit / LIFE AT TRANSIT


    Because at Transit, we bet on YOU, your strengths, your aspirations!
    Because the opportunities and CHALLENGES are almost endless! You have ambition? So do we!
    Because you’ll be part of a TEAM noteworthy for its expertise, its collaborative spirit and its openness.
    Because having FUN at work is possible at Transit. It’s even strongly encouraged!
    Because we are a company with FAMILY-SPIRIT and strong human values.