20 September 2017
Warehouse Clerk Toronto

07 September 2017
Account Manager (Sales)


Transit occupies an energy-efficient building in the Lauzon industrial park in LĂ©vis. A rest room, a game room, a gym (with changing room and shower) and a conference room are available for our employees. Our values are: teamwork, respect, harmony, recognition, accountability, integrity, fairness and transparency.

10 reasons to choose Transit:

  1. Competitive salaries and benefits in our market.
  2. Accessible and sincere supervisors that keep your well-being and success at heart.
  3. Transparent communications from management on all matters relating to the company, its projects, its performance and its objectives.
  4. An employer open to new ideas and able to make the most of each proposal.
  5. An organized and structured workplace which enables each individual to focus on their individual task or in team work.
  6. A company with a family atmosphere, where everyone is known and recognized and duly appreciated and praised for their contribution.
  7. A diverse team which combines both men and women of all ages and from different specialties to form a dynamic and rewarding environment.
  8. High internal mobility, where all are invited to make good use of their skills and expertise in new positions.
  9. A healthy work environment with resting and exercise room, large open spaces and abundant natural light for a relaxed atmosphere.
  10. The opportunity to be part of a team that stands out at the national level of expertise, growth and customer satisfaction.

The many benefits

  • Social activities
    An active Social Club which organizes more than 10 activities per year to which Transit contributes financially.
  • Group insurance plan
    Group insurance plan with employer’s participation including: life insurance, long-term salary insurance, hospitalization insurance, medication insurance, paramedical insurance and travel insurance.
  • Commitment to work-life balance
    Daycare problem? Middle of the day doctor’s appointment? We offer flexible schedules enabling you to live your personal life through your work schedule.
  • Floating leave days
    An amount of “mobile leave” time is offered to you each year for you to use at your leisure. No more need to get creative in your excuses to go skiing on a Wednesday afternoon! You didn’t get to ski much this year? No worries, we pay the balance of unused floating holidays at the end of the year!
  • On-going training
    Training plan for hiring, internal group training courses and access to external training courses are available to meet your needs and allow you to develop your skills continuously.
  • Flexible hours
    More than 60 schedules are available for you! Choose the one that suits you best and the day it doesn’t suit you anymore… ask for a change of schedule!
  • Promotion opportunities
    All positions open up internally and externally simultaneously offering you the opportunity to apply for any available position.
  • Employee referral bonus
    You know a hidden gem? Refer him! Premiums of $100 to $1000 are offered to employees referring a hired candidate.
  • Company discounts
    A discount on the purchase of parts is offered in addition to being eligible for promotions reserved for customers. Farewell to mechanical bills with too many numbers!
  • Competitive salary
    At Transit, you get paid every week. A salary scale structures our salaries allowing us to offer a fair and market competitive salary, depending on the occupied position in the company.
  • Gym
    Because the employee’s health is our priority, there is a gym at your disposal (and showers) as well as a game room allowing you to keep your peace and your beautiful smile!


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